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1000 Hills Ministry
Where We Serve

Church Under the Bridge
Church Under the Bridge is held on the big vacant lot at 2800 St. Charles St.  77004

Monday thru Saturday at 7:30 pm
Sunday at 3pm

Church In the Driveway

Church in the Driveway is held in the driveway at 3338 Drew St.  77004

Monday-Friday at 7:30 a.m.  

Saturday 10 a.m

Sunday 10 a.m

Church at the Office

Church at the office is our only church to have services inside a building.
Services are held at our office at 209 East Crosstimbers St.   77022
Wednesday and Sunday at 10 am

Disciple Houses
The 4 Disciple Houses are located at 3338 Drew St. 77004
1000 Hills Ministry provides residential living to men coming off the streets, who accept Jesus Christ as Savior at His street church services and show earnest intention of hard work and discipleship. As we discover lives being changed from the inside out and when they consistently attend and help operate our church services, we invite individuals to live in one of three houses in the heart of Third Ward. These houses are called our "Disciple Houses" and serve as room and board for our pastors and ministry workers -- all men who were previously living in the streets. The men who live in the Disciple Houses coordinate, program and assist in the operation of every church service we provide in Houston. These are busy guys, as we have 16 church service every week!

These homes are also a blessing to the poor in this neighborhood, especially the single mothers with children and the elderly who live in abandoned houses in the area, who come daily to attend church, receive food, clothing, household items and have other basic needs provided.
 We feed thousands of poor people weekly in Houston!!!