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1000 Hills Ministry
Our Mission

1000 Hills Ministry International continues to rescue the poor and homeless in the streets of Houston every day of the year. GOD uses us to conduct daily street church services where the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is preached and a meal is served with His Love.

1000 Hills also rents 4 small houses in Third Ward which is in the very poorest and drug infested neighborhood of Houston. Men get saved at the street churches and come to live with us in these houses. GOD then uses the men to operate the ministry and they become the workers, pastors, evangelists and leaders of His ministry.

These homes, or as we call them, “the Disciple Houses”, are also a blessing to the poor in this neighborhood, especially the single mothers with children and the elderly who live in abandoned houses in the area, who come daily to receive food, clothing, household items and other needs. We feed thousands of poor people weekly in Houston!!!

In addition, 1000 Hills church services are an actual mission field where many local churches and ministries come to serve and experience a mission field, without leaving the country.