Everyday we see the Hand of God healing and changing the lives of our homeless congregants, breaking chains of  generational poverty and delivering some of our congregants from lifelong addictions.

Praise God!
We exist to glorify God. 1000 Hills Ministry's priority is to proclaim His Name above all names, and make Him famous among all nations. We work to increase His Kingdom and live to glorify His worthiness.


Read on to know the Glory Stories of God's amazing Grace and Love....

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Ms. Aurora
Aurora is a 27-year old woman who has been ‘on the streets’ for over 12 years. After being raped and getting pregnant, Aurora considered abortion as her only alternative. 1000 Hills Ministry ministered to Aurora and told her of Christ’s love for her and her unborn baby. Aurora decided not to abort and 1000 Hills matched her with loving adoptive parents for her child.  Aurora’s hospital bills were paid and she now lives in a rental house and is going to school to receive her G.E.D. Her baby, Benjamin, was adopted into a loving home. Aurora recently said in her testimony at Church Under the Bridge that “God can do all things. Look what He did for me!” 

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Ms. Willis:
"My mom gave birth to me at the age of 15 years old. Her mother died before I was born, and her father remarried. The new wife and my mother did not get along so my grandfather put us out on the streets. We had nowhere to go but to knock on the doors of people when night would fall, hoping to find someone that would take us in and help keep me warm and fed. 

Shortly afterwards, my mother had a total of four kids to care for and no foundation in her life. She began to kick it up with her friends leaving “us kids” here and there, and sometimes not coming back for days. There was one time I recall overhearing this lady telling someone over the phone that she had some “pretty little children." The next thing I know is that my brother and I were put on a Greyhound bus with a sack lunch. When we had arrived to this strange place, awaiting us was this married couple and a single lady. The married couple took my brother by the hand; and the single woman took me by the hand. We were taken in opposite directions from one another as we looked at each other with tears rolling down our cheeks. 

Mama came to get us after a while. She got a job at a neighborhood motel. My brother, Darrell, and my sister, Cheryl, had been blessed with their own “Godmothers” that took good care of them. My baby brother and I lived with Mama in this little room. I was about four years old then and would take care of my baby brother while Mama worked. One day my baby brother’s daddy came by and took him from me. We found him weeks later because his daddy came by and told Mama that Jr. was in the hospital very ill. As of today, my baby brother is blind from that illness. 

I got shipped around two more times. One of those times, a lady and her 19 year old son took me in and her son molested me. During the time I was about five years old I made it back to Mama briefly.   

After a while, I went to live with  Mama’s sister. Her husband is a preacher and through him is when I met Jesus. He sat on the pew right next to me and began to tell me ‘how special I was to HIM and that I was HIS disciple’. 

At age seven, Mama collected all of us (her children) in one house and became a single parent again. During that time, I was molested by four of my mother’s boyfriends. At age 20, I gave birth to a 9½ lb. little girl out of wedlock. I began selling drugs at the age of 28 and also became my best customer. In my middle 30’s, I gave birth to two more beautiful children.   

I continued to use crack, until one day while sitting on my living room sofa with a crack pipe in my hand, the Holy Spirit told me that I was getting ready to die and I felt like it. I looked up toward the ceiling and cried out, “GOD, don’t let my children bury me a crack head mother!” 

God heard my cry and delivered me. I am now over TEN years clean by the grace of God, and I go about my Father’s business, RAIN or SHINE!"

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Brother David Hill, Founder and Director of 1000 Hills Ministry:

"My name is David Hill and I am blessed by God to be the Founder and Director of “1000 Hills Ministry International." Although my position in this ministry is Director, the “REAL” Director, Leader, and Guide is the Holy Spirit of the Living God. I am only his arms and legs.

I was mercifully saved back in 1980 when I believed I was a sinner and that I was rescued from spiritual death by the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ! However, till 10 years ago, I lived as a carnal Christian. I believed, but I still followed the dictates of my sinful nature, the world, and the devil. This caused intense pain and misery for me and my family. But God is GOOD! He never gave up on me. Finally, 8 years ago, I totally surrendered my life to Him. I daily began doing the 8 steps of sanctification that allowed the Holy Spirit to lead and direct my life so I could live out my Christ nature and subdue my sinful nature. This brought deliverance and restoration into my life. Not only that, but because I was faithful, God birthed “1000 Hills Ministry International” into my life. What he has done in my life and through this ministry is truly a miracle. Just think, we now have Church Services for the poor, homeless, and downtrodden every night of the year. We preach the Word of God, hand out Bibles, and serve food every night to the poor. That is not us, that is GOD and this is His Ministry. I am just His servant, I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ."

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Mr. Ball:
"When I was in the world, I was lost and nothing I tried to do would work out right for me. God kept me in that wilderness for almost 40 years. While I was there, I lost all that I had; my spirituality, all physical possessions, and two families. I became drug addicted and homeless. 

One morning, after I had spent all the money I had on drugs, the Spirit of the Lord came to me and said, “Eugene, it’s time for you to leave this place.” What place was he talking about? As I pondered this question; it came to me that he was talking about the place in my life. I then got up, left that Crack House, and started walking the streets at 4:30 a.m. The Spirit led me all the way to the place that He wanted me to go. It was a safe house, The Salvation Army Harbor Light, where I could develop a relationship with Him. 

After being there for a couple of days the Spirit of the Lord came upon me again and said, “Eugene, you have tried everything in the world; why don’t you try me?”  When I heard this I looked back over my life and I had tried just about everything while trying to find peace, love and happiness, but without any success. 

At that moment, I committed my life to God and this was my confession. I said, “God, if you would take me from this place and teach me how to love, I would serve you for the rest of my days.” That was the moment I accepted Salvation. God was faithful because He then started putting people in my life to make that change.  I started studying the Word and praying daily. After a year, I was a changed person. From then on, God has increased me. He has given me my family back, has given me a ministry, and a business, but most of all He has given me LIFE!"