Are you a hands-on volunteer? Join us to show Christ's love to people who are homeless, hungry and deserve loving interactions they don't normally receive in the streets. Help us welcome folks who are looked down upon, shunned and not even given eye contact. It's different Under the Bridge... we look them right in the eye and accept them in Christ's love!

And prepare to be blessed! It is an incredible experience to see a person that is hardened by months, or even years on the streets softened by the Lord, and receive Salvation! Life is never the same after that kind of transformation.

We serve approx. 150 congregants every service!

Church Under the Bridge
We use something special to serve the meals at Church Under the Bridge: we distribute numbered  index cards that serve two purposes. First, our congregants write prayer requests on them. Then the cards serve as meal tickets. After the service, we call the numbers and people come in order through the meal line. Every card, from every service is then prayed over, either by 1000 Hills Ministry, or they are given to visiting Churches to pray over.
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Join us at Church Under the Bridge in Downtown Houston to help:
  - Help set up, and tear down
  - Hand out meal cards
  - Provide the meal
  - Serve the meal
  - Pray with congregants
  - Preach
  - Lead Praise and Worship
  ... and anything you are led to do!