Our Mission: To serve the poorest of the poor, in any community where God leads us to serve. Simply put, God leads us to His areas of need and we go to work seeking and gathering the most poverty-stricken people in that area.

This could mean we pursue people living homeless in the streets, struggling in generational poverty, or those who have lost everything in their addictions. In Latin America, our pursuit has placed us in the most impoverished villages built on trash dumps, serving people living on the edges of the dumps to survive on the trash.
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To serve poorest of the poor, no matter the why or how, no matter the circumstance... we are called to serve God's least of these.
"Instead, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind. Then at the resurrection of the godly, God will reward you for inviting those who could not repay you." - Luke 14:13-14
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How do we do it? What does it mean to "serve the poorest of the poor?"
We plant and steward street churches in the Houston metropolitan area and rural village churches in Latin America.

In Houston:
We plant outdoor street churches serving homeless populations in and around Downtown Houston, and serving families living in extreme poverty in Third Ward. We provide daily church services that include all the "regular" service elements-- praise and worship, Biblical preaching, prayer, receiving an offering and fellowship. We just it all outdoors, under bridges, in parks, in parking lots, even in driveways. Churches without walls!
As of July 2011, we provide 37 Houston street church locations with 117 services per week!
We also serve a meal at all services! These services are regular in modern church format, but resemble more of a first century Apostolic church: A body of believers gathering to worship and disciple in the most unlikely locations... locations with the greatest concentrations of the most lost, hopeless, and outcast. Sounds familiar, right? We know those are the locations and concentrations Jesus focused on. We work to serve just as He did!
In Latin America:
We plant rural village churches serving severely impoverished populations throughout Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia. The church plants are discipled and taught to sustain as native churches, multiplying in surrounding areas. We directly steward several church plants and partner closely with those local pastors to provide the services, grow congregations and provide unique programs for each community.

God is even using 1000 Hills to support a Youth Group in Mexico to provide traveling mime, drama and clown programs to the children in their surrounding areas! With a continual threat of drug cartels targeting adult men and women whom they consider a threat to their corrupt dealings, we are seeing God touch the hearts of the children in the communities. And we watch as the children become the messengers of Hope to their fathers and uncles in the drug cartels.

As of July 2011, God has used 1000 Hills to plant over 100 Latin American church locations!
And we continue to support 81 churches in Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia.

These churches also provide daily church services that include all the same "regular" service elements -- praise and worship, Biblical preaching, prayer, receiving an offering and fellowship -- its just that these churches exist in the most unimaginable poor conditions. Churches in trash dumps! Literally.

A typical 1000 Hills church in Latin America looks something like this...
A small temporary tent, covering as many plastic folding chairs as possible, is set up among the heaps of trash in a mountain village of Northern Mexico. Families emerge out of their cardboard and sheet metal homes, which look a lot like the small temporary tent set up for church. Several woman and wives of local pastors prepare a meager meal of tamales or beans and serve hundreds of people who have come to hear the Word of God. Children play amongst the heaps, almost as if they haven't realized their surroundings are unfortunate at all. And praise God --- for a brave pastor delivers the Gospel of Jesus Christ, even amid the danger of local cartels persecuting any power threatening their corrupt way of life.
And still, with the most starved resources, and in the face of poverty and violence... the families who come out to hear the Word are captured by the Holy Spirit and delivered by the Grace and Blood of Jesus Christ. The circumstances of these poorest of the poor are no barrier to the Good News of Jesus Christ to save His people!